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Slideshow Collective provides cultural, creative, visual, and historical research to support a wide range of objectives. We are all about doing the deep dive to find the stories and images you need to inform and enhance your vision. 


From film production designers looking for inspiration, journalists looking for cultural background, and commercial art directors seeking historical reference images, to museum curators who need support for exhibition catalogues, our team provides unique, thorough and comprehensive research that supports the idiosyncratic requirements of each individual project. 


Our work is grounded in both academic scholarship and practical work experience in communications, marketing, film and television production, design, and creative media. We have the ability to navigate online and in-person archival spaces and work within the rapid timelines often required by production and publication schedules.

We have supported projects for a variety of networks and studios, including HBO, Warner Brothers, Hulu, Amazon Prime, National Geographic, and CBS.   

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SOME of the Things

We Can Do For You

Explore Digital &
Physical Archives 
Zooming on Tablet
Search Copyright &
Trademark Databases
Abstract Historical
Events, People, & Places
Compare Market &
Design Trends
Build Research &
Design Presentations
Organize Research
Libraries & Databases
Provide Cultural &
Historical Context
Assemble Mood Boards &
Inspiration Galleries
Investigate Image Permissions & Clearances
Compile Bibliographies & Reference Guides
Plot & Plan Travel
Guides & Itineraries
Twisted Staircase
Locate Specialized


Anna Weber is a multi-media storyteller with a long history in the entertainment industry. Anna holds an MA in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and a BA from Truman State University. After working in theatrical and event production in Chicago, she spent a decade working in Art Departments for television and film around New York. She now lives in Los Angeles. With long experience in entertainment industries, Anna is particularly talented at helping designers communicate concepts to actors, producers, directors, and other members of a production team.


Dr. Katherine Lennard is a US historian with particular expertise in the dress and material culture of everyday life in the 19th and 20th centuries. She holds a Ph.D. in American Culture from the University of Michigan, and degrees in Visual Studies and Theatrical Costume Design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The Theatre School of DePaul University. She has held teaching positions at Stanford University and Boston University. As an archival scholar who first trained and worked as a theatrical costume designer, Katherine excels at finding historical and contemporary images that help designers refine their vision. 


Together, we provide visual inspiration, social and historical context, and offer research that helps production teams realize historically accurate and visually dynamic design.

Books collection isolated on a white bac
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